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Making a direct, always connected world possible through Japanese food culture

The key to opening up the Japanese food market in a new country is knowing consumer behaviour especially through the tastes and preferences of the people

SDMG uses data from subscribers who signed up on our website as well as from Japanese restaurants to collect and analyse the behaviour of consumers in different countries

We play an unrivalled role opening up Japanese food markets to the world by understanding the marketing trends in each country


First of all,
an example from Australia

Australia is 20 times the land area of Japan, has a population only one fifth of Japan, yet a per-capita GDP which is twice that of the Japanese.

Amongst the urban centers which make up 80% of the population, the biggest city is Sydney has a population of 4.6 million.

We hold data for more than 1% - over 60,000 people.

Data is collected for consumers who like Japanese food in Melbourne, Brisbane and other cities.

We analyze Australian consumer activity and their preferences using data from approximately 1% of population in Australia's major centers.

The data is collected for those who have eaten Japanese food and used not only for effective marketing activities for Australians visiting Japan but as well as to expand the market for Japanese food culture in Australia.

Marketing Support

Help and support developing the Australian market

  • Support arranging meetings with wholesalers (offline)
  • Product PR to restaurants (offline)
  • Exhibition/PR activities in local markets (offline)
  • Sponsoring restaurants/chefs for product planning, managing collaboration events (offline)
  • Proposing product introduction methods Website/social media (online)
  • Market and survey research using 60,000 Australians who dine at Japanese restaurants (online)
  • Sample distribution and review acquisition research (online)
Washoku Lovers

Services for Japanese restaurants

In Australia
and also Japanese restaurants around the world

  • Online reservation system
  • Support services for attracting customers using your customer data
  • Website creation (English)
  • Menu creation (English)
  • Takeaway online payment function creation
  • Marketing material (photo/video) creation
  • Social media management (English)
  • Invitation for influencers

Providing pre-travel PR to Australians

  • Online reservation system for inbound travellers