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First Chefs’ Chat in Australia

■Purpose of the Event
To showcase Japanese food culture in Australia and provide an opportunity for chefs who would like to learn about authentic Japanese food culture.
The master of Japanese food and goodwill ambassador, Hideo Dekura, is on board at the event to pass on his knowledge to the next generation of chefs.
This event gives chefs who can connect over nationalities and generations to learn Japanese food culture without visiting Japan.

■Interest point of the event
While the guest chef is introducing his cooking philosophy through cooking his signature dish, we chat about anything of interest in terms of chefs’ perspective. We have Takumi Kawano, as our first guest chef, the head chef and manager of the most traditional Japanese restaurant, Shiki in the Rocks. He is excited to introduce his signature Tai-Chazuke, snapper sashimi on steamed rice with poured hot green tea dashi which comes from the first restaurant he worked at called Kitcho in Osaka. Speaking of tea culture, we have very seasonal ingredients, new tea leaves supported by Grow Green Tea Company Pty Ltd for tea leaf tempura.

■Details of the event
Sponsored by Washoku Lovers
Cooperation with Grow Green Tea Company Pty Ltd
Date: October 26, 2020
Venue: Hideo Dekura Cooking Studio

On Monday, in the last week of October, the event was held at Culinary Studio Dekura in Chatswood, Sydney. A gathering of Japanese chefs who work in Australia to come together.

As a trustee of the event, Hideo Dekura, Goodwill Ambassador for Japanese cuisine, took this opportunity to talk to younger generation of chefs to pass on his knowledge over discussions.

A guest chef, Takumi Kawano, manager and head chef of Shiki Japanese Restaurant in the Rocks, is introducing his philosophy as well as cooking techniques over a cooking demonstration.

The attendees were seven chefs

Mr Mitsushige Saeki (Sydney consul general)

Mr Kazuhito Nakatani Osaka Bar

Mr Kensuke YadaRestaurant Sasaki

Mr Gou AmanoLumi Dining

Mr Takahiro TeramotoTeramotoKuro Bar and Dining

Mr Noburou MaruyamaKuro Bar and Dining

Mr Yuta NakamuraGold Class Daruma

Guest chef, Takumi Kawano, was excited to introduce his philosophy such as how to think about Japanese food culture in Australia, how he developed his cooking skills when he started his career at the Kitcho which is one of the most traditional Japanese restaurants in Japan.

Stork Natural Rice from Toyooka city, Hyogo prefecture, was used at this event for the dish, Tai-chazuke, Snapper sashimi on steamed rice poured hot green tea dashi. Toyooka city is striving for an ecologically harmonious future where storks and people can live together. We need chefs to support and expand this meaningful food from Japan. We are aiming to introduce this kind of Japanese food product at future events.

Mr Gaku Hirai from Grow Green Tea Company Pty Ltd brought new tea leaves picked at his tea farm in NSW which is only available for three months as seasonal food to the chefs who can cook it as to introduce Japanese tea culture. He freezes new tea leaves soon after he picks them because they start fermentation immediately.

It’s very hard to find this beautiful green on leaves, guest chef Takumi says. This is a way showing seasonal food in Japanese cuisine.

Chefs chat begun over dishes, Tai-Chazuke,Snapper sashimi on steamed rice with poured hot green tea dashi and new tea leaf tempura with matcha and cherry blossom salt. We have received requests for the following events to feature fresh eel, white fish, wagyu, truffle, abalone, lobster, yuzu, and wasabi.

We hope we can continue to hold this types of event as an opportunity for all chefs in Australia to come together who would like to know and learn about Japanese food culture. Please let us know by email to if you have any enquiries.

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